1. The Focus EP
    The Focus

  2. Discography 2007-2012

  3. THE THAW Discography
    the thaw

  4. Live at Black Wire 01.03.13
    Staying At Home

  5. Cop Gestapo Deemo
    Cop Gestapo

  6. Concrete Life Demo
    Concrete Life

  7. Hazards Demo

  8. P​.​E. Demo
    Black Coffee

  9. Spoonfed Demo

  10. Think Aloud
    Quiet Steps

  11. Never Right Demo
    Never Right

  12. Parasite
    Helta Skelta

  13. Infinite Void Demo
    Infinite Void

  14. Thylacinus Cynocephalus

  15. Calabi-Yau
    Animal Shapes

  16. Negative Reinforcement Demo
    Negative Reinforcement

  17. Brainwaves Demo

  18. None Remain
    None Remain

  19. Live At The Great Britain Hotel
    The UV Race

  20. Hee Haw Discography
    Hee Haw

  21. Circuits Demo

  22. Shitfight Demo

  23. Slow Signal
    The Diamond Sea

  24. Ex Spectator Demo
    Ex Spectator

  25. Had It Demo
    Had It

  26. White Male Dumbinance
    White Male Dumbinance

  27. Sessions In The Sun

  28. Together We Have Grown, Together We Shall Bloom

  29. Unbelievably Shocking Vol. 3
    Unbelievably Bad

  30. Nostalgia Peddlers EP
    Brand Disloyalty

  31. Needletail EP

  32. Diamond Sea Demo
    The Diamond Sea

  33. End It All
    Cut Sick

  34. Ill Brigade Demo
    Ill Brigade

  35. Until The End Of The Sentence
    Death Sentence

  36. Silver / Red

  37. Quiet Steps EP
    Quiet Steps

  38. Slow Motion Suicide

  39. The Rats EP
    The Faux Hawks

  40. Black Fucking Eye! Demo
    Black Fucking Eye!

  41. Beds

  42. Blood And Piss
    4 Dead

  43. Masstrauma Demo

  44. Absentium Existence

  45. aka The Living Dead
    Morti Viventi

  46. Throwing You Down The Stairs
    Terror Firma

  47. The Faux Hawks
    The Faux Hawks

  48. Dead, Deader, Deadest! Demo
    Fattura Della Morte

  49. Discography 1996-1999
    Heads Kicked Off

  50. Existence Is Dead / Asherah Split
    Existence Is Dead / Asherah

  51. First Past The Last Post
    Draft Dodger

  52. Half Hearted: A KSMH Records Compilation
    Kickstart My Heart Records

  53. Jaws Demo

  54. Pigs Die In Hot Cars
    Smash N Grab

  55. R.O.F.L. / The New Justice Team Split
    The New Justice Team / R.O.F.L.

  56. The New Justice Team Demo
    The New Justice Team

  57. Properties Of Light
    Colditz Glider

  58. The Dead Walk! Deemo
    The Dead Walk!

  59. The Faux Hawks Demo
    The Faux Hawks

  60. R.O.F.L. Demo

  61. ....Dead
    4 Dead

  62. The Death Of Escapism
    Terror Firma

  63. Your House Is Built On A Frozen Lake
    Because Of Ghosts

  64. Fear Like Us Demo
    Fear Like Us

  65. Fun For The Kids
    Organ Doner Kebab

  66. Half Lit World / Ill Winds From Outopia

  67. Live At The Arthouse
    Mid Youth Crisis

  68. Modern Martyr
    Draft Dodger

  69. Burke & Wills Demo
    Burke & Wills

  70. Cabin Fever
    Draft Dodger

  71. Deadfuckingend
    The Plague

  72. Thoughtcrime Demo

  73. Eat God
    Halo Of Knives

  74. Aphra Behn Demo
    Aphra Behn

  75. Days Of Iris
    Days Of Iris

  76. Fuckface EP
    All In Deep Shit

  77. Negative Reply
    Negative Reply

  78. One Day I Got Sick Of The Bad Taste In My Mouth
    The Spitz

  79. Personality Liberation Front #4 / Deplorable Recordings Compilation
    Deplorable Recordings

  80. St Albans Kids / Off Minor Split 7"
    St Albans Kids / Off Minor

  81. The Millennium Rock Saga
    Headless Horsemen

  82. The Stockholm Syndrome
    The Stockholm Syndrome

  83. Tales Of Late Night Excursions Into Urban Wastelands (A Political Economy Of Noise)
    St. Albans Kids

  84. Terror Firma Demo
    Terror Firma

  85. Since Now All Is Lost

  86. My Heart Will Never Forget How To Feel I'll Dream This Real Myself And Adrift I'll Dream...

  87. These Moments Minutes
    Staying At Home

  88. Exposing The World To
    Cheapshot / Deadstare

  89. I Suggest We Don't Fuck Around
    Nintendo Police

  90. Ignition:Response
    Seconds Away

  91. Sludgery

  92. Upside Down Flag Discography
    Upside Down Flag

  93. Seasons And Reasons Why

  94. Whatever
    Worse Off

  95. Offensive/Defensive: Hardcore Superbowl 2001
    No Deal / Snapshot Records

  96. Discography Part I: The Studio Stuff
    Arms Reach

  97. Discography Part II: Unreleased And Live
    Arms Reach

  98. Far Left Limit / Deadstare
    Far Left Limit / Deadstare

  99. Gorebash / Fistfull
    Gorebash / Fistfull

  100. Iron Sausage
    Iron Sausage

  101. St. Albans Kids Demo
    St. Albans Kids

  102. Straightedge Thrash Violence

  103. Time To Pay Up II
    Snapshot Records / Barcode The World

  104. Work. Consume. Shutup. Die
    Plea Of Insanity

  105. The Skeleton Against The People
    Far Left Limit

  106. Why, Why, Why?
    Recalcitrate / Drunkard

  107. Central Coast Carnage
    Mallet / The Shitmen / Soiled

  108. Heartfeltself Demo

  109. World On Welfare
    World On Welfare

  110. Elbow Deep Discography
    Elbow Deep

  111. New World Odour
    Identity Theft

  112. Not A Lot About Nothing
    Iron Sausage

  113. Violent Hornsby Straightedge
    Snapshot Records

  114. Barcode The World: On The Nod 2000
    Barcode The World

  115. 18 Gears Of Hell

  116. Promotional Use Only
    Intent Records

  117. Cover Whatever You Want #2
    Snapshot Records

  118. Drawback Discography

  119. In The Spirit Of Total Resistance
    Barricade Books / Black Rose / Spiral Objective

  120. Suffocate
    Playground Of Hate

  121. Past The Point
    Self Reliance

  122. So This Is Jeff's Victoria
    Noise Pollution Records

  123. Riotous Assembly: Angry People Benefit
    Angry People

  124. Call It Whatever You Want #2
    Snapshot Records

  125. New Tools For The Hunter
    First Blood Records

  126. Ultimatum EP

  127. South Pacific Contamination
    Noisam / Redstain

  128. Riot On Ramsay St.
    Barricade Books

  129. Call It Whatever You Want
    Snapshot Records / Spiral Objective

  130. The Core Sessions 2
    Trans Alien Recordings

  131. Half Life: A Serum Compilation
    Serum Records

  132. Neoteny 2
    Spent Music

  133. Bible Studies

  134. The Core Sessions
    Trans Alien Recordings

  135. Neoteny
    Spent Music

  136. Sounds Of Ordinary Madness
    Deported Records


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