1. Arms Reach Discography Part I
    Arms Reach

  2. Hee Haw Discography
    Hee Haw

  3. The Focus EP
    The Focus

  4. Not A Lot About Nothing
    Iron Sausage

  5. St. Albans Kids Demo
    St. Albans Kids

  6. Days Of Iris
    Days Of Iris

  7. Fear Like Us Demo
    Fear Like Us

  8. Aphra Behn Demo
    Aphra Behn

  9. Beds

  10. Canine / Diploid Spilt 7"
    Canine / Diploid

  11. One Day I Got Sick Of The Bad Taste In My Mouth
    The Spitz

  12. Discography 2007-2012

  13. THE THAW Discography
    the thaw

  14. Canine Demo

  15. Far Left Limit / Deadstare Split 7"
    Far Left Limit / Deadstare

  16. Live at Black Wire 01.03.13
    Staying At Home

  17. Concrete Life Demo
    Concrete Life

  18. P​.​E Demo
    Black Coffee

  19. Infinite Void Demo
    Infinite Void

  20. Circuits Demo

  21. Slow Signal
    The Diamond Sea

  22. Diamond Sea Demo
    The Diamond Sea

  23. Silver / Red

  24. Masstrauma Demo

  25. Absentium Existence

  26. Discography 1996-1999
    Heads Kicked Off

  27. Half Lit World 7"/ Ill Winds From Outopia LP

  28. Personality Liberation Front #4 / Deplorable Recordings Compilation
    Various Artists

  29. St Albans Kids / Off Minor Split 7"
    St Albans Kids / Off Minor

  30. The Stockholm Syndrome / Staying At Home Split 7"
    The Stockholm Syndrome / Staying At Home

  31. The Stockholm Syndrome
    The Stockholm Syndrome

  32. Tales Of Late Night Excursions Into Urban Wastelands (A Political Economy Of Noise)
    St. Albans Kids

  33. Since Now All Is Lost

  34. My Heart Will Never Forget How To Feel I'll Dream This Real Myself And Adrift I'll Dream My Heart Will Never Forget How To Feel I'll...

  35. Seasons And Reasons Why

  36. Iron Sausage 7"
    Iron Sausage

  37. The Skeleton Against The People
    Far Left Limit

  38. Heartfeltself Demo

  39. Elbow Deep Discography
    Elbow Deep

  40. New World Odour
    Identity Theft


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